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How far Grand Monadnock Maple Farm(GMMF) has come! Jon and Jillian established the farm in 2011, built the sugar house in 2012, got married in 2013 and haven’t stopped to look back. Jon’s tri-decade experience as a maple sugar producer enabled the foresight to establish a high-producing farm on a small plot of land. Since incorporation, much has changed. 

Kids, pets and many helping hands along the way have supported the farm’s expansion. Louisa (five in January) and Lucas (one this past October) are the best ‘staff’ any proud sugaring parents could have. 

“Our plan has always been to leave a legacy. Caring for the forest as stewards of the land and farming this picturesque spot will forever be part of our life goals. Our kids are growing up in the woods and Sugar House. They love being here as much as we do. They love working with their cousins on the weekends and welcoming visitors even more than we could have hoped.” 

Anna and Emily, Jon’s younger sisters and over-qualified marketing team, have helped out along the way. Their husbands (Andrew and Nathan) and kiddos (Evelyn and Diana) are a staple when you visit the farm. Jon’s parents, Kathryn and Phil, often join the crew at the sugar house or rescue the most tired kiddos for a nap up the hill. 

“I thought all maple was the same, and that it came from the grocery store.” Jillian is from CT and we won’t hold that against her. “The energy and process from tree to table of our delicious maple products, whether it is my favorite maple cream, or the all-time-consuming perfect maple candies, can only be described as a labor of love. And I love it.” 

GMMF boasts an award winning product, having won the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript Maple Syrup contest two years in a row in 2014-2015. There is nothing added to their award-winning, all-natural and organic products. Try us out for yourselves! Samples are always available at the Sugar House.

What’s your favorite way to eat maple?! Is it the super smooth maple cream? The crisp outside yet creamy center of the maple candies? What about substituting 1:1 granulated maple sugar for white table sugar? Are you the traditionalist who couldn’t possibly go a day without adding a splash of syrup to your coffee, oatmeal, granola, yogurt, butternut squash soup, BBQ rub, or ice cream? 

We want to hear from you - pictures too - and your favorite way to enjoy GMMF’s award-winning Maple products! 

Don’t forget, custom orders are a favorite and specialty ;) 

Happy Holidays from the Farm! 


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