Pure NH Maple Products

Our Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup is all-natural and organic with no added ingredients or added flavors.

All of our maple candies and creams are made with our Grade A Golden – Fancy maple syrup. The delicate flavor and light color of the syrup only adds to the beauty of our products.

All of our granulated maple sugar is made with Grade A Dark maple syrup. The dark syrup is necessary in the production of the granulated sugar in order to get the most flavors out of the large crystals in smaller quantities.

We currently offer a variety of candy combinations and syrup sizes which can be viewed on our Product page. The granulated maple sugar is coming  to the website soon! Please inquire if interested before we get them up on our page!  If you are interested in placing a custom order, please contact us at sales@monadnockmaple.com and allow up to two weeks time for production, hand selection and shipment of your specialty order.

We are celebrating a wedding in the family this summer, and we were commissioned for the production of the wedding favors for the guests. This includes specialty molds, packaging and labels for our products. We are thrilled they thought to choose us for their wedding and hope that if you are having a wedding you will think of us too!

Interested in cooking and baking more with maple products?

We recommend using Grade A Dark Syrup in recipes in order to really taste that maple flavor. visit the Products page to view all our available syrup, be sure to check back often for seasonal specials on syrup that can come and go really fast!

And always remember..... Our New Hampshire pure Maple Syrup is 100% all natural, organic with no added ingredients or added flavors.


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